David gets an endowment (so-to-speak)

An Endowed David

Project makes statement about contemporary art in Florence

BY ALEXANDRA KOREY  The Florentine   (JANUARY 8, 2014 - 17:00)

50 miniature Davids with a not so miniature male member placed in key locations around the city are a provocatory art project, not just a souvenir gone wrong.


The artist Pep Marchegiani is challenging the status of contemporary art in Florence, which he claims "is stagnant, and should re-start from the David." On January 7, 2014, the artist's performance piece was received with perplexed joy by Florentines and the many visitors to the Pitti Uomo fashion trade show, many of whom photographed the item on Florence's bridges, in Santa Croce, at the Uffizi and in piazza della Signoria..


The exaggerated statuettes were accompanied by the CV of an unemployed Michelangelo, who could also be found on a park bench near the Fortezza, selling reproductions for 10 euros. Marchegiani says that Florence's art scene is static, compared to other European cities, to the point that if he were alive today, Michelangelo would die of hunger.


The attention-getting stunt is intended as an open letter to Mayor Matteo Renzi to encourage him to help Florence become the new cradle of contemporary art, not just of the Renaissance; to be open to a new, creative future.


What do you think? Does the altered David truly get accross the message intended by the artist, or simply attract attention?